Major Publications

  Notebook (MUBI) - December 2017

  Notebook (MUBI) - July 2017

All These Stories We Simply Can't Understand
  Notebook (MUBI) - June 2017

Hirokazu Kore-eda: The Pursuit of Honesty
  Directory of World Cinema: Japan 3 (Intellect Books) - November 2015

  CineAction Issue 92, Late 2013

The New Wave and After
  Directory of World Cinema: France (Intellect Books) - April 2013

Along the Tiger Path: The 42nd International Film Festival Rotterdam
  Senses of Cinema - March 2013

  Senses of Cinema – December 2012

Festival Report: Nippon Connection 2012
  J-Film Pow-Wow – May 2012

Directors: Hiroshi Shimizu
  Directory of World Cinema: Japan 2 (Intellect Books) - April 2012

Japanese Independent Cinema Travels to Toronto: The 3rd Shinsedai Cinema Festival
   Midnight Eye– September 2011

• Actor/Producer Kiki Sugino: The "Hospitalité" Interview 
  VCinema Podcast and Blog – August 2011
   Midnight Eye– December 2010

Exhibition Report: Beat Takeshi Kitano: Gosse de peintre
  J-Film Pow-Wow  April 2010

   J-Film Pow-Wow – March 2010

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